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Rabbi Installation

Etz Hayim Synagogue Installs Rabbi Peter Levy
In a moving and profound Friday night Service November 7, 2014 Rabbi Marc Gruber installed and laid hands upon Etz Hayim’s new Rabbi Peter Levy. Rabbi Gruber is the rabbi of the Central Synagogue of Nassau County, New York.

As a lifelong Reform Jew, Rabbi Levy believes in its broadly inclusive approach to our religion. Music and spirituality are meaningful parts of his Jewish persona and he sees them as valuable tools for taking a modern approach to the texts and traditions that have sustained our people for millennia. He has served as a chaplain, and has developed a heightened sense of compassion for the needs of those who face challenges in life. He loves 
teaching both young and older students, and he draws upon on his roots in the Reform Jewish youth movement. One of his goals is to educate the present and future Jews in the depth and joys of Judaism.