In an effort to give our members and friends more control over what they receive through email we have divided our emails into separate categories which you can subscribe to individually.

If you are not presently receiving a particular category of email, you may subscribe in the forms below.

Member emails: These emails will only go out to Members concerning Annual Meeting announcements, Special meetings, and other matters of membership concern, sent only a few times a year. You will be added to the list when you join the synagogue. If you unsubscribe by mistake let us know and we will send you an email that will enable you to subscribe to the list again.

Rabbi’s Note and D’var Torah is sent weekly from the Rabbi

Good news about our congregants and friends is sent weekly from our Rabbi.

Announcements for members who have been affected by death in the family is sent only on those necessary occasions from the Rabbi.

President’s message, news, events, high holiday schedules, fundraising events, etc. , sent monthly from our Board of Directors. This list is also used to send snow cancellations.