Recycle Clothes

Have you noticed the huge tan bin next to the waste bin on the driveway of Etz Hayim?

Ecosmith Recyclers of Londonderry has partnered with Etz Hayim to recycle clothes.

What do we get out of it?

  • Payment of 3 cents per pound on the collected items
  • A chance to support a local business
  • Tikkun Olam – we can be green and get some green at the same time
  • Cleaner closets and basements

Acceptable items do not have to be in usable condition so this is a great place to get

rid of torn jeans and other soft goods like sheets and towels which are no longer usable.

  • used clothing
  • household linens
  • paired footwear
  • stuffed animals
  • belts
  • pocket books

So pack up your old clothes, stuffed animals and shoes and drop them in the bin. You will be helping to support Etz Hayim and a greener planet!