Sponsor an Oneg

Got Oneg?
Please sponsor an Oneg Shabbat
The Top 10 Reasons to Sponsor an Oneg
 10 You want show off your favorite cookie, bownie or challah recipe
 9 You are celebrating a graduation, promotion or other simcha
 8 It’s your birthday, your partner’s birthday, or your child’s birthday
 7 It’s your anniversary
 6 You want to honor the memory of a loved one
 5 You are on a diet and want an excuse to bake
 4 Your parents or in-laws are coming to spend the weekend
 3 You don’t have anything else planned for the evening 
 2 You love Etz Hayim

You are welcome to bring any food items, that you 
think will add to our enjoyment of Shabbat.  Some recommendations are:  challah, brownies, cookies, fruit, cheese and crackers.Do it in honor of your birthday, anniversary, friendship, your children, parents, or just because! It is easy and fun to do! 
Bring a challah, a few snacks, and enjoy Shabbat with your community!

NOTE: There is a sign up sheet outside of the office and envelopes for each date. Please sign up and take the envelope for your date.