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Red Sox Tickets Auction

Please feel free to forward this offer to your friends and family.

Saturday, June 13, 2015 Red Sox v AL East Division Rivals Toronto Blue Jays
Front Row at Visitor Dugout, Section 65, Row C, Seats 3&4
[Row C is the front row; the dugout cuts into and eliminates Rows A&B]
See location of seats in pictures below.

Face Value: $300 ($150 each)
I paid: $375 ($187.50 each)
Stub Hub Value: $822 (Current Listing: $411 each for front row seats in neighboring Section 66)

I am unable to attend this game.  Will sell to the highest bidder.  Proceeds to benefit Etz Hayim Synagogue.

Rules of bidding:
1) Minimum bid for the pair is $300 (face value).
2) Bids will be accepted only by email at (Laurie Medrek).
3) Bids will be accepted daily through Friday, May 29 at 8:14PM (Sundown).
4) Highest bid for each day will be announced each evening.
5) Winner will be announced/contacted by Saturday morning, May 30.
6) No returns or refunds.

Any questions, email Laurie Medrek at or call her at 603-489-2487.

Seats are owned by Joel Saren (white coat, red hat)