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Rabbi Applicant Visit

The Rabbi Search Committee has invited two additional applicants to come to our temple in May. 
We are looking forward to meeting them.
Here is a detailed schedule of activities.  

Second Rabbi Visit

Friday - May 23

7:15 PM Erev Shabbat Service,  Dvar Torah by Visiting Rabbi


Saturday- May 25

10:00 AM Torah Study - by Visiting Rabbi

11:30 AM S'euda Shlishit - light meal and music

7:30-8:00 Family Havdallah Service.

Third Rabbi Visit

Friday - May 30

7:15 PM Erev Shabbat Service,  led by Visiting Rabbi

8:30 PM Oneg - please bring something to share


Saturday- May 31

9:30 AM Shabbat Service - led by Visiting Rabbi

11:30 AM Oneg - Please bring something to share 

12:30 PM Torah Study - led by Visiting Rabbi

7:30-8:00 Family Havdallah Service.