Red Sox Raffle Winner

Post date: Aug 6, 2013 4:25:37 PM

Congratulations to Steve Sussman, this year's winner of the Red Sox/Yankees raffle!! Steve wins two front row seats to the Red Sox/Yankees game on August 18 along with two free passes to the new Royal Rooters Club. The winning ticket was sold by Nick Jay, son of Robert and Kerry Jay. For selling the winning ticket, Nick receives a $25 gift card to T-Bones!

Renae Whissel (niece of Ted and Laurie Medrek) pulling the winning ticket

Sound familiar? Ironically, Nick sold the winning ticket to Steve Sussman last year as well!

And no one has yet been able to beat Roy Aboody who sold 67 tickets. Roy also wins a $25 gift card to his favorite restaurant for being our best salesman!

Many thanks again to the Saren family for donating the Sox/Yankees tickets! We are also grateful to all participants (sellers and buyers alike) who helped us raise $4,000!

Please feel free to forward this email to those who participated in this raffle and pass on our warmest thanks for helping to make this another successful fundraiser.