Ages 4-6

Family Sunday Camp

This is an adventure in Jewish learning for students ages 4 – 6.  Utilizing a rich mix of music, crafts, and games it introduces students to the synagogue, the Jewish calendar, prayer, Torah and Hebrew.  Sunday Camp meets from 10am – 12pm one Sunday afternoon per month. 

Our goal is to have the whole family participate.  As Jews, it is important that we teach our children about our history, or culture, our world.


As a parent, there is nothing more exciting, more educational than experiencing something with our children.

Hebrew School, Religious School, Kindergarten

So, if you have a child (or children) between the ages of 4 and 6 we invite you to sign up for this year’s Sunday Family Camp and not only help your child (or children) discover their heritage but also rediscover yours!


Sarah John Plater is the Director of the Etz Hayim Sunday Family Camp

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