Remembering our loved ones is an ancient tradition of our people and at Etz Hayim we honor all relatives regardless of their religious affiliation. Members of Etz Hayim Synagogue are encouraged to list Yahrzeit dates with the office. This information, which may be emailed to office@etzhayim.org, includes the name of your loved one in English and or Hebrew and the date of death (in English and/or Hebrew).

Please note that we can convert the dates from English to Hebrew, provided we know the month, day and year of passing. Reminder letters will be sent to your home so that you do not miss this important date and the yahrzeit will be read at shabbat services. Yahrzeit candles are available at the synagogue office for no charge.

The synagogue also has a memorial board in the sanctuary. Individuals who wish to buy plaques to honor their loved ones may do so by contacting Al Sandler at ajsandler@comcast.net. The bronze plaques cost $360 for Etz Hayim members and $720 for non-members and include the Hebrew and English names as well as the yahrzeit date. You are welcomed to include non-Jewish loved ones and, in this case, simply submit the person’s English name and the English date of their passing.

Many individuals like to honor their loved ones by making contributions to Etz Hayim in their loved one’s name. If you wish to make a donation, please mail the check directly to the synagogue at 1 ½ Hood Road, Derry, NH 03038. Please include the loved one’s name and note that the check is a memorial. If you wish the check to go to a particular cause (Hebrew School, Rabbi’s discretionary fund, Building Fund, Chair fund, etc.), please indicate that information as well.