High Holiday Services

High Holiday Schedule - 2022.pdf

August, when our thoughts turn to change of seasons and to sending our friends and family hopes for a sweet, healthy, and happy New Year. In the tradition of offering such greetings to all members of our community, we include a beautiful holiday card in the Rosh HaShanah bags we distribute.

For a donation of $18 per line, your signature/family’s names will appear on the Synagogue’s Rosh Hashanah card for 5783. To participate, please complete and mail back this form, along with a check for $18 (per line), no later than September 6 to Etz Hayim Synagogue, 1 ½ Hood Road, Derry, NH 03038, OR e-mail the information to our administrator Linda at office@etzhayim.org, and ask that she bill your account. For more information call 603-432-0004.


Option A: 2 lines for $36: (example)

Rabbi Peter Levy & Amy Dattner-Levy

Jacob Levy

Option B: 1 line for $18: (example)

Rabbi Peter Levy, Amy Dattner-Levy, and Family


Please list my name/our names on the Rosh Hashanah card as follows (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY):

Line 1___________________________

Line 2 (Optional)____________________