Pray With Us

Join us for Shabbat!

On most Fridays we worship at 7:15 p.m., followed by a delicious oneg provided by members. We also have services on selected Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. (See calendar.)

At our monthly Torah Tots program, children two to six participate in a Shabbat service designed for just them, including prayers, songs, dancing, and Torah study. A special, illustrated siddur (prayer book) provides structure. When the Torah is taken out in the adult service, the Torah Tots join in the march around the synagogue with their own little Torahs, and they lead the adults in the closing hymn, Adom Olam. (See calendar.)

Worship on the Jewish holidays with us!

We have services on Jewish holidays (See calendar)

High Holy Days Schedule

Weave Jewish spirituality into your daily life!

Jewish spirituality is part of our everyday lives. We pray before eating or drinking, before studying Torah, and at many other moments. We practice our spirituality through the ethics that inform our decisions and the way we treat each other. Over time, as a member of Etz Hayim, you will notice that Judaism enriches your life, moment to moment.