Confirmation Class Schedule

Note: Assembly will be from 7:15 to 7:30 for all students.

After completing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program, students are eligible to participate in Confirmation Class. Our teens gather one evening a week for advanced Jewish study. Students must attend 75% of the classes to receive credit for the year. This gives our youths the opportunity to make choices as they continue their study as well as the opportunity to take “time off” if needed for school or sports activities. Confirmation students are invited to apply for teacher aide positions in our Religious Studies program.

After completion of the Confirmation Program, students may opt to continue their religious studies under the direction of the Rabbi. Classes will meet Wednesday evenings. Curriculum will be varied with opportunities for independent study provided.

Religious School Documents

The year is comprised of mini-courses alongside a curriculum from the Bureau of Jewish Education. Themes of movement, migration, immigration and reestablishment will guide investigation into the histories of various diaspora centers of Jewish life. Where did the Jews of go after Babylonian and Roman exiles/ Spanish expulsion, etc? Where was the migration of Jewish communities to and from in centuries to follow? This will include non-European Jewish gatherings such as North Africa, the Middle East, as well as the mass movement of Jewish collective life from Eastern Europe to the US in the early 20th century. Religion, identity, nationality, ethnicity, self-definition will be a framework for discussion.

At the end of the program eligible students participate in a Confirmation Ceremony on Shavuot.

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Religious School Documents