Our Leadership

Executives and Board of Directors Elected June 14, 2020

Board and Rabbi: board@etzhayim.org


Buildings and Grounds - building@etzhayim.org (Craig and Steph)

Communications and Technology - a.agosto@etzhayim.org (Arlene)

Education Committee- education@etzhayim.org ( Mike and Lisa)

Elijah's Table - ElijahsTable@etzhayim.org (Bonnie, Barry and Jay)

Etz Hayim Emails - a.agosto@etzhayim.org (Arlene)

Membership - membership@etzhayim.org (Laurie, Martha, Leslie, Lisa R. and Beth)

Religious Practices (Ritual) - ritual@etzhayim.org (Bruce and Rabbi Levy)

Women's Group (FAB) - fabwomen@etzhayim.org (Dina and Arlene)

Security Team - security@etzhayim.org (Jon, Craig, Jay, Steph, Rabbi)